The Vegan-friendly alternative to beeswax

ABWAX® MIMIC BEESWAX from Brasca represents the best plant-based alternative to beeswax.

This viscosifying, film-forming and texturising agent has been developed through the use of renewable and sustainable raw materials, with the aim of achieving excellent formulation performance.

Especially recommended in the formulation of cosmetic and personal care products, ABWAX® MIMIC BEESWAX is exempt from REACH registration as it is composed of natural ingredients.

To assess its skin-feel and structuring capabilities, the wax has been tested in various formulations including lip balms, emulsions and butters.

The results obtained guarantee excellent versatility, showing performance comparable to beeswax in terms of performance and skin feel.


Brasca is a company with a long history of technological experience in waxes. Present in the cosmetics market since 1946, it aims to respect and preserve nature in the manufacturing process by offering only light processes and renewable resources.


100% vegetable origin

Viscose, texturising and film-forming properties

Easy-to-use bead formulation

High absorption performance in stick formulations


For more information about ABWAX® MIMIC BEESWAX contact us: sales.uk@amitahc.com