Actera Product Range

Kreglinger Can offer New Range of Products from Actera;  Actera offer ingredients that are renewable and biodegradable, that reduce society’s dependence on fossil fuels.

Range of Products; see attached TDS

  • TeraBiome is an all-natural fermentation surfactant and solubilizer
  • TeraBond is a reactive system that covalently bonds to amino acids and keratin fragments in human hair, including broken disulphide linkages. It is a natural, high performing Plex bond multiplier
  • TeraCeutic TXVector is smart delivery to achieve a naturally even skin tone
  • TeraFluid is an all-natural polar emollient created from blending of two novel ferments;
    • Compatible with any oil phase and used to create light, dry, and fast absorbing formulations. Non-greasy and does not weight down hair in hair care formulators.
    • Combine with botanical and vegetable oils to create lighter formulas with consumer appeal
  • TeraSorb: a clean-label, natural, polymer that absorbs water, oils, and improves the stability of formulations. Compliant with all global natural cosmetic standards
  • TeraStat™ N is a clean & Natural Preservation


Please don’t hesitate to contact Daksha Patel at Kreglinger if further information is required