Active Concepts taps into the hybrid cosmetic trends with The Social Renaissance kit launch

Active Concepts’ new prototype kit is inspired by the increasing popularity of multifunctional makeup among consumers. The concept was developed to promote the idea that makeup can serve both cosmetic and skin-care benefits, as more customers look to their makeup case to complement their skin-care routines.  


Makeup is no longer just about looking beautiful. The latest beauty trends are all about hybridization, meaning that color cosmetics can also act as skincare. This allows makeup to play a more important role in everyday life and gives it an entirely new purpose.


As lockdown restrictions are listed for most, shoppers are set to return to a beauty store and the beauty industry has been expanding at a rapid pace, by the influence of Generation Z and the millennial generation. Hybrid cosmetics is one of the largest trends that has been driven by the pandemic and by the customer’s desires to decrease budgets and focus on ‘clean’ formulations with an emphasis on essentials. The younger generations are more conscious of their purchases than previous generations. They want products that can do double duty, and they are eager about wearing more makeup after over a year of being in and out of lockdown.


To answer this desire, Active Concepts shaped the Social Renaissance Kit. Its name refers to “a revival of pre-pandemic social outings and celebrations – it incites the transition from social distancing into the socializing season”. 


The kit features six formulations to get you ready for a night out: an eyeshadow, a lip & cheek stain, a concealer, a brow gel, and a scented balm with the perfect balance of skincare and makeup. They provide the benefits of both worlds, focused on the high customization needs of today’s consumers, who look for products that address their specific needs and provide solutions to their beauty concerns.


Experience the ultimate glow-up with the Social Renaissance collection!


About Active Concepts  

Harnessing cutting-edge technological advances allow Active Concepts to create novel cosmetic bioactives for brand differentiation. Active Concepts delivers a competitive edge in innovation and sustainable business initiatives, providing the personal care and cosmetic industry with value-added raw materials and unmatched customer service.

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