Alban Muller’s Tinctamis®

Manufactured according to an eco-responsible process, Tinctamis® NSHC are COSMOS approved pigments of natural origin, perfectly harmless to the environment.  They bring subtle colours to your products, as well as the benefits associated with the traditional virtues of the plants from which the Tinctamis NSHC are derived.


There are 4 multi-functional shades:

  • Tinctami® NSHC Indigo – blue
  • Tinctami® NSHC Sappan – pink
  • Tinctami® NSHC Solidage – yellow
  • Tinctami® NSHC Sorgho – brown-pink


All are:

  • COSMOS Approved
  • 100% natural & plant origin
  • 100% renewable
  • Biodegradable
  • Made in France