amiNote Naturals Collection: A precious selection of natural fragrances

The line

Our line of fragrances is specially designed to enable Formulators to perfume cosmetic preparations with a 100% natural touch. Essential oils are combined with a vegetable carrier, sustainably made from by-products of the olive oil production, to deliver a wide variety of natural notes.


Natural and sustainable

amiNote Naturals are formulated using our Partner ROELMI HPC’s OlifeelSkin as the carrier. This unique emollient is obtained through an innovative eco-friendly technology from by-products of the olive oil production. With excellent biomimetic activity and oxidative stability, OlifeelSkin has been proven to be an ideal carrier for active molecules and to enhance their absorption into the skin. OlifeelSKin is expertly blended with pure essential oils to offer Formulators the most exquisite natural fragrances selection.


amiNote Naturals Collection

amiNote Naturals Flowery: (Green & Flowery): A delicate blend of flowery fragrances such as Ylang-ylang, Mimosa, Violet, Jasmine, Rose petals and Lavender, enriched with a citrusy top note of Lemongrass.

amiNote Naturals Balsamic: (Fresh, Green & Balsamic): Cypress, Mint, Eucalyptus and Pine are the main herbal scents combined to create this intense and balsamic composition of pure freshness.

amiNote Naturals Spicy: (Spicy & Woody): On a base of Sandalwood, Cedarwood and Cypress, the embracing scents of Cinnamon, Black pepper and Cardamom create a spicy perfume with a sparkling note of Bergamot.

amiNote Naturals Citrus: (Esperidic & Citrus): A bright combination of Sicilian Lemon, Bergamot, Mandarin, Pomegranate and Orange on a base of Patchouly, for a delicious scent that reminds of the South of Italy.

amiNote Naturals Woody: (Scent of wood): This perfect fusion of Patchouly, Sandalwood, Guajco, Cedarwood and Cedarwood Virginia, surrounding a heart of Ginger, brings spicy and warm exotic notes.



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