Autumn Trends – Added Sparkle

As we transition from Summer to Autumn, now is the perfect time to revitalise both your hair and body, giving it that extra shine and shimmer that it deserves.

Illuminate Your Skin

As the weather gets cooler, your skin can often appear duller than usual (Cosmopolitan, 2020). Highlight your skin with Sandream Impact’s Shimmer Body Glaze – an innovative formulation that offers a light veil of gorgeous, reflective sparkle produced with jewel toned pigments and biodegradable glitter pearls. Featuring:

Let Your Hair Sparkle and Shine

It’s not just our skin that can appear duller; your scalp and hair can become drier in Autumn/Winter too (Cosmopolitan). Key brand messages conveying hair quality remain a core focus area for formulators. Consumer concerns surrounding hair damage, hair loss and scalp health are driving the industry through 2020 (Mintel).

Super Shiny Hair Serum – Hydrates and builds shine, whilst smoothing out and taming dry and frizzy hair.

Hair Mascara Highlights and brightens your hair with luscious gold and copper tones for an instant radiant glow. Featuring: