BeauSens® PG4

Mild surfactant for skin support

BeauSens® PG4 is a brand new sustainable & mild surfactant by ROELMI HPC. Obtained through low-impact processing of sunflower oil, this delicate non-ionic surfactant has low foaming power and generates small and compact bubbles that deliver a pleasant washing experience.

Thanks to its gentle cleansing activity, which helps protect the skin’s natural barrier, BeauSens® PG4 is ideally suited to formulate products for sensitive skin or whenever outstanding mildness is required. In-vitro and in-vivo studies have demonstrated the hydrating properties of this ingredient, as well as its non-irritant and non-sensitising toxicological profile.


BeauSens® PG4 is ideally on trend with the growing market of “water-saving” products. Due to its low foaming power, only a little water is needed to rinse it off the skin, thus bringing added value to the daily skin-care routine.


Skin hydration properties

Non comedogenic

Pleasant creamy washing experience

Helps protect the skin barrier


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