Beauty trends 2023 Crodarom analyses the WGSN beauty forecast S/S 2023

WGSN has outlined the innovations and lifestyle drivers that will shape all product categories in S/S 23. At Crodarom we are experts in trend insights, creating innovative concepts that are adapted to the beauty market. In this blog, we have analysed the latest WGSN report and selected the most relevant and high-performing beauty trends that will attract consumers in 2023 and help you to create a successful product.

Read on to discover these trendy concepts…

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While the global fallout from the events of 2020 has been brutal and sudden, with uncertainties and emotional overload that will continue into 2023, an era of optimism is finally dawning, with normality being re-defined.

“Green” merges with science for more sustainability and simplicity, personalisation is accelerating, the explosion of global well-being treatments continues and finally, creativity and self-expression are making a comeback for a positive renewal.


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Today, consumers desire to have control of their purchases. They have the power to stop “claim washing” around clean beauty, performance, or green credentials by selecting the right product with low impact, and better performance. Brands will therefore have to act with complete transparency by giving full accessibility to information, from origin to manufacturing, and by making scientific information clear, accessible, and easy to understand by all.

To meet this demand for information accessibility and complete traceability, Crodarom and Alban Muller have chosen to favour local sourcing when possible. It is always easier to get information when your supplier is your neighbour !

Cosme-Phytami™ Cucumber EC is one such example that demonstrates the importance of transparent and trusting communication between the farmer and the manufacturer. Our farmer’s practices and his cucumber supply chain have been evaluated by the UEBT (a world-renowned organization) and the score of ‘Responsibly sourced’ was obtained.

Another example of this local and selective sourcing is our Crodarom® Cider Vinegar EC. Committed to respecting biodiversity and traditional know-how, our partner located in France, has the best ancestral cider production, transforming its harvest of apples into cider and then into vinegar in an entirely artisanal and natural way. This close partnership with a local producer allows us total transparency and quick and easy exchanges.


The consumer is today completely realistic in the time they have to devote to daily care. With the continuation of home working and the need to recharge their batteries in a few minutes, the consumer is taking a more pragmatic approach to their beauty routine. ‘Flash rituals’ is a natural evolution of “beauty snacking” in a more ritualized approach that targets very specific micro-moments of the day to provide an effective and relaxing beauty break. These flash rituals are always combined with daily rituals like breakfast, coffee break, lunch time, afternoon tea, and so on…

Be ready in 5 minutes for a video call? Awaken your skin the time of a chicory, a coffee, or a tea with our Glucohyami™ GL, for a toned, smoother, and plumped-up skin! #hyaluronicbooster #reducefinelines #increasefirmness #decreaseroughness

The secret of a refreshing and radiance flash ritual during lunch time? Try our Phytessence Pink Pomelo EC, for a sparkling radiance boost! #acceleratecellrenewal #eliminatedeadcells #eraseirregularities


Standing out from the crowd and showing your difference, is demanded by consumers in search of extravagance and experimentation. As a result, unconventional and immersive beauty is emerging to answer this consumer interest. The best way to attract this consumer is to offer unusual beauty products, cross the line of political correctness, or develop an immersive beauty experience.

Strange, rare, and unconventional ingredients will help to push and highlight this concept. Try our Crodarom Dragon’s Blood EC, that looks like real blood!

Or maybe our Crodarom Green Caviar, a magnificently bizarre and surprising pearly seaweed.

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