BicoBreaks: 17′ Enjoying Skin Science

We are pleased to announce the upcoming launching of BicoBreaks: 17′ Enjoying Skin Science.

BicoBreaks is a virtual space to be up to date on the latest news, market trends and tendencies of the personal care industry in just 17 minutes. BicoBreaks emerges from the need of having short, useful and enjoyable pieces of online content to inspire professionals in their future projects.

BicoBreaks takes place on live stream every other Wednesday at 10:00h CET, all year round! In each program, we will cover different hot topics, sharing our passion for skin science, in a quick and easy to see format. We will also share Bicosome’s latest innovations and developments with you.


10th February:  Is Blue Light just a marketing claim?

24th February:  Ageing is inevitable, well-aging is up to you!

10th March:      Silent inflammation can accelerate ageing?


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We look forward to seeing you at each BicoBreaks!