Calmnerv CR, targeting at the core of sensitive skin

Based on the epidemiological survey of sensitive skin around the world, it is found that more than 50% of the world’s population have sensitive skin, and their quality of life is affected. Among all the factors, discomfort is considered as the core problem of sensitive skin.


GREAF is a leading cosmetic active ingredients developer and manufacturer. We always focus on beautifying skin with advanced techniques, developing novel active ingredients and providing superior skincare solutions. We have been strong in developing anti-irritation ingredients which includes our latest anti-irritation active ingredients, Calmnerv CR.


Calmnerv CR targets at the discomforts of sensitive skin and meet the demand of relieving the symptoms related to people’s sensation, including itching, stinging and burning.


Calmnerv CR is extracted from green fruits of Citrus reticulata from Quzhou, where Yaowang(King of Medicinal Herbs) Mountain is located, one of the main and historical citrus production bases in China. GREAF adopts innovative technique to produce Calmnerv CR which combines bioactivity tracking methods and Golden Ratio 1:1( proportion of flavonoids to alkaloids is 1:1) to maximize the soothing effect of Citrus reticulata (Tangerine) Fruit Extract.


It is found that Calmnerv CR can effectively inhibit the activation of TRPV1, and consequently reduce extracellular calcium influx, and relieve discomforts. Clinical study shows that 0.5% Calmnerv CR can quickly relieve the discomforts caused by 10% lactic acid and help to strengthen the skin tolerance in 7 days.


Calmnerv CR is a water soluble ingredient in liquid form, which can be easily used in all types of formulations. It is recommended to be used in sensitive skin products or used with the ingredient which may bring irritation, such as phenoxyethanol, lactic acid and retinol.


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