Beauty – like an Egyptian

  Many of today’s beauty rituals originate from ancient Egypt. Read on to uncover these timeless beauty secrets and discover our range of more practical ingredients inspired by them (thankfully no bathing in sour donkey milk required ...) A Kohl Masterclass Windows to the Soul To achieve the iconic dark, kohl-rimmed eyes of the ancient... Read more »

Get into the spotlight with vibrant new effect pigment

  The new LUXAN C842 Spotlight Red from ECKART is a dazzling effect pigment bringing unrivalled sparkle and vibrant red colour intensity to high-end coatings and printing applications. LUXAN C842 Spotlight Red, available from Blagden, sets a new benchmark in sparkle and colour intensity. The pronounced sparkle results from ECKART’s high-performance coating technology and gives... Read more »


The Vegan-friendly alternative to beeswax ABWAX® MIMIC BEESWAX from Brasca represents the best plant-based alternative to beeswax. This viscosifying, film-forming and texturising agent has been developed through the use of renewable and sustainable raw materials, with the aim of achieving excellent formulation performance. Especially recommended in the formulation of cosmetic and personal care products, ABWAX®... Read more »

Oriel Deep Sea Magnesium and Mineral Extract: Pure Cell Nutrition

Oriel Deep Sea Magnesium and Mineral Extract Oriel Deep Sea Magnesium and Mineral Extract is Oriel active ingredient harvested from the pristine Deep Sea Water of Ireland’s coast through Hydrasphere™ Technology. Thanks to this patented, organic and sustainable process of extraction, the free ion unbound of Magnesium and Minerals are protected in their natural state... Read more »

Meet the colour trends for the coming seasons!

Merck, a leading manufacturer of stunning pearlescent pigments have launched their Autumn/ Winter colour forecast for 2022/2023. Each year, Merck creates 4 colour stories in order to inspire their customers in their creation of unique products. The Colour forecast #47 offers a complete portfolio composed of beauty looks, formulations and videos showing their pigment shades. For the autumn/winter... Read more »

Bouncy Eye Shimmer

Non-tacky and lightweight in feel, this shimmering, bouncy shadow is sure to keep the sparkle in your eye. Cropure™ Meadowfoam imparts a rich, non-greasy and nourishing skin feel, whilst rheology modifiers including ViscOptima™ LV help to impart the fun, springy texture. The inclusion of Beautifeye™ lifts the upper eyelid and protects and strengthens the upper... Read more »

Moonshine™ Ultra Colour Travel

Moonshine™ Ultra Colour Travel Violet-Blue-Green Ultra Sparkle Blue By combining the striking colours of the Ultra Effect series with the exceptional colour changing properties of the Colour Travel series, this multi-colour shifting effect pigment possesses a blue bulk tone with a dazzling ultra sparkle effect, which transforms across a spectrum of violet, blue and green... Read more »

Upcycled: Already a 4000 Years Old Habit

Over the years, Upcycled materials such as Lanolin, Collagen and Keratin were widely formulated. Sadly for most formulators, the marketing needs of ever charter driven black lists of INCI names brings launches, overlooking these super skin performers. And with no scientific reason or value.   UpCycled : what is bad and what is difficult?  Personally,... Read more »