Clariant casts slow wellbeing spell with Beauty Wizards

Clariant Active Ingredients has conjured up two formulations under the Beauty Wizards moniker designed to tap into the slow wellbeing trend. The formulations - Scalpific Relaxing Massage and Forest Therapy Essence – combine nature-based products with playful textures and mindful packaging. Scalpific Relaxing Massage contains beads designed to be crushed into a scalp massage potion... Read more »

Oriel Deep Sea Magnesium and Mineral Extract: Pure Cell Nutrition

Oriel Deep Sea Magnesium and Mineral Extract Oriel Deep Sea Magnesium and Mineral Extract is Oriel active ingredient harvested from the pristine Deep Sea Water of Ireland’s coast through Hydrasphere™ Technology. Thanks to this patented, organic and sustainable process of extraction, the free ion unbound of Magnesium and Minerals are protected in their natural state... Read more »

OceanDerMX® Portfolio of Luxury Natural Cosmetic Bioactives

Devoted to both modern skincare science and time-proven traditional knowledge, Organic Bioactives is pioneering the next generation of natural cosmetic and nutraceutical bioactives. Launched in 2020, the OceanDerMX® portfolio comprises four products centered around New Zealand Red Seaweed and Native Mamaku or Black Fern (Cyathea medullaris).  The range offers a synchronised abundance of bioactives -... Read more »

Calmnerv CR, targeting at the core of sensitive skin

Based on the epidemiological survey of sensitive skin around the world, it is found that more than 50% of the world's population have sensitive skin, and their quality of life is affected. Among all the factors, discomfort is considered as the core problem of sensitive skin.   GREAF is a leading cosmetic active ingredients developer... Read more »

Mouthwash of the future

How to formulate a natural, sustainable & microbiota-friendly mouthwash A mouthwash yesterday and today A classic mouthwash is focused on removing microbes. The idea behind this is that the less microbes, the less sensitive gums, the less tooth decay, the less infections, and the fresher breath. The main ingredient to achieve the microbes’ reduction is... Read more »

Formulating personal care products into soluble packaging

Soluble packaging is being used more and more for personal care products. So why use soluble packaging, and what challenges does it present to personal care formulators? Why use soluble packaging?   There are many advantages to using soluble packaging. It allows for unit dosing, reducing overdosing and therefore resulting in less waste. Soluble packaging... Read more »

JRS- VITACEL CS 5 Oat, 5 Apple, 7 Orange

Functional Upcycled Powders for a range of applications Ultra Small 5 and 7 micron particle sizes Wrinkle Filling Light Scattering/ Soft Focus Perfect for Facial Moisturisers, Concealers and Eye Contour Serums Pickering emulsions   JRS’s extensive range of cellulose and microcrystalline cellulose based sensorial and effect powders is well known. Maybe less well known are... Read more »