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Sunscreen and UV filter myth busters – SPF

Read the full blog on Croda's website here! Welcome to the third blog from the sunscreen and UV filter myth busters series. There are so many myths surrounding sunscreens and SPF, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. And while the majority of myths are spread by social media, we are also seeing... Read more »

Enhancing Sun Care for All: Eliminating Product White Cast

Consumers may seek out sun care products to prevent UV overexposure and skin damage, but they also want their selection to look, feel and smell good on their skin. In the first in a series of posts about how LLS Beauty is developing products to address the beauty of diversity, we look at a challenge many consumers... Read more »

Solar protection – UV filter active ingredients

As the world’s leading supplier of mineral sunscreen dispersions and driven by our Purpose, to use ‘Smart Science to Improve Lives’ we are tackling some of the biggest challenges the world is facing today and have made a commitment to be ‘Climate, Land and People Positive’ by 2030. One of our Hero Targets is to... Read more »

OceanDerMX® Portfolio of Luxury Natural Cosmetic Bioactives

Devoted to both modern skincare science and time-proven traditional knowledge, Organic Bioactives is pioneering the next generation of natural cosmetic and nutraceutical bioactives. Launched in 2020, the OceanDerMX® portfolio comprises four products centered around New Zealand Red Seaweed and Native Mamaku or Black Fern (Cyathea medullaris).  The range offers a synchronised abundance of bioactives -... Read more »

Resist photoaging, Urbluray MS rejuvenates your skin

As we all know, UVB and UVA are the two killers of skin, but we may not know another killer, the blue light. The energy of blue light is higher than that of visible light, and the penetrating power is stronger than that of ultraviolet light. It can penetrate skin tissue and reach the dermis.... Read more »

New Vegan SPF Lip Care for Added Sun Protection

Koster Keunen presents three new lip balm formulas with SPF 15+ developed using our natural waxes: Sunflower wax, Orange peel wax & Beeswax. They have also developed a 100% vegan lip balm alternative that combines Sunflower wax, Orange peel wax & Candelilla ester. Besides adding structure and stability to the formula, this powerful combination of waxes... Read more »

Prisorine™ 3505

Prisorine™ 3505 An exceptionally mild liquid fatty acid that offers a light lubricious feel and can be used in many skin care and colour cosmetic applications. It also offers film forming properties, making it ideal for use in soaps, shaving foams and liquid cleansers. INCI name Isostearic Acid Get more information here

Natural IR Protection Cream

Natural IR Protection Cream Defend your skin from harmful Infrared-A rays with this natural IR protection cream. Designed using Infraveil IT-600, a COSMOS approved physical shield that delivers instant skin protection. It is based on patented dispersion technology which ensures that, despite the large particle size, it has minimal whitening on the skin. Get more... Read more »