Bouncy Eye Shimmer

Non-tacky and lightweight in feel, this shimmering, bouncy shadow is sure to keep the sparkle in your eye. Cropure™ Meadowfoam imparts a rich, non-greasy and nourishing skin feel, whilst rheology modifiers including ViscOptima™ LV help to impart the fun, springy texture. The inclusion of Beautifeye™ lifts the upper eyelid and protects and strengthens the upper... Read more »


Phantasmagoria - Colour Cosmetics Trend Autumn-Winter 2122 This video showcases our latest colour cosmetics trend for autumn/winter 2021/2022, ‘Phantasmagoria’ – a trend that offers escapism and opulence in dark times. The beauty industry will look to horror, the fastest growing genre of recent times, for product inspiration and use colours and textures that have a... Read more »