Citroleo’s CitroPet

CitroPet is an EXCLUSIVE range designed specifically for animals.


C-CARE C-Care offers intense care for the animals’ delicate skin. Full of natural components, it brings warmth and affection from the velvety and soft touch, to the protective and regenerating effects. C-Care offers no risk to the animal or to the groomer. It treats from paws and plantar pads to injuries that need more attention, such as irritations and burns.


C-BALANCE The balance necessary to keep our Pets healthy is the proposal of C-Balance. This active restores the integrity of the animals’ skin in a safe way, for a deep and effective treatment. CBalance is an ingredient developed for animals with skin problems or sensitivity, controlling the attack of germs and bacteria and regulating the microbiome of the animal’s skin.


C-PROTECT C-Protect is an active with intelligent action to ensure that our animals are free from the discomfort caused by microorganisms, such as bacteria, as well as protection against insects, such as mosquitoes. This active has powerful allies in this animal protection that, in a safe way, help to promote well-being and the feeling of relaxation. The C-Protect is perfect for that moment of zeal and attention to the health and comfort of Pets.


C-SHINE Shiny hair, soft and hydrated skin, all in a single and exclusive product, the C-Shine. Its composition specially developed to bring the softness that your Pet needs, with all the efficiency that it deserves. The animal’s fur gains shine and is especially strengthened, facilitating the hairstyle and finishing with the use of C-Shine.