Clariant casts slow wellbeing spell with Beauty Wizards

Clariant Active Ingredients has conjured up two formulations under the Beauty Wizards moniker designed to tap into the slow wellbeing trend.

The formulations – Scalpific Relaxing Massage and Forest Therapy Essence – combine nature-based products with playful textures and mindful packaging.

Scalpific Relaxing Massage contains beads designed to be crushed into a scalp massage potion that simulates the sensations of an ASMR experience.

Active ingredients include Clariant’s newly launched Prunizen, extracted from Prunella vulgaris – a plant used in traditional Asian medicine – that tackles psychoemotional stress-induced hair loss and stimulates hair.

Forest Therapy Essence, meanwhile, is a skin serum can be applied from the dropper or can be used to infuse a renewable sheet mask.

The serum contains another new active ingredient, Galactinol Advanced, a sugar-based skin care active inspired by the hardiness of plants.

“As beauty care becomes a major tool in fighting modern stress, we’ve been inspired to create rituals that would help formulators and brands appeal to the newfound consumer focus on rediscovering and reconnecting with nature, plant remedies, and revering ancient spirituality knowledge as a way to seek emotional balance and sustain mental wellbeing,” said Charlotte Stricane, technical marketing specialist at Clariant Natural Ingredients.

“Beauty Wizard captures all these elements in beauty products with playful textures and mindful packaging. It invites consumers to slow down and find magic in relaxing, authentic experiences,” she added.