Commitment To Run On Renewable Energy

Solvay’s Climate & Energy Transition team has announced they have executed agreements with NextEra Energy Marketing, LLC to purchase EarthEra Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) under their EarthEra REC program.

This means that Solvay’s Aroma Performance, Specialty Polymers and Novecare Global Business Units, along with their commitment to the Jasper solar project, will cover 100% of their site’s electricity purchases in North America with renewable energy starting in January 2021.

“Having three of our energy-transition-leading Global Business Units commit to the NextEra EarthEra REC program opens the doors for increasing benefits of the program for other Global Business Units to join,” said Ron B. Johnson, Sustainable Environment & Climate CET Manager, North America, Solvay. “It’s exciting to have our business units commit to these bold sustainability goals and to have a long-term business partner and a program which will support our expanding CO2 reduction business strategy at Solvay.”

EarthEra is a renewable energy trust that is managed by an independent third-party trustee. Solvay USA, Inc will buy RECs from NextEra Energy Marketing under this program. The RECs Solvay will receive will be GreenE certified RECs; 100% of the funds generated from the sale of the RECs go to the development of new renewable projects. The EarthEra Trust has been approved to support the reduction of CO2 for meeting Solvay’s sustainability goals.