Croda Launches Arlasense™ V5 – A New Vegan Suitable* Emollient

Global speciality chemical company Croda, is delighted to unveil Arlasense V5, the very latest vegan suitable* emollient in their ingredient portfolio, with exciting product data.

Emollients play a big role in creating the ideal aesthetics within a formulation, and today’s consumers are increasingly demanding products that provide not only an appealing sensory perception, but also products that support their personal sustainability and clean beauty values. As consumers have become more conscious about their impact on the planet, and plant-based lifestyles are becoming more and more popular, the demand for vegan or non-animal derived products is growing.

Arlasense V5, is 100% non-animal derived, is 65% derived natural according to ISO 16128, and can deliver functionality, aesthetics and ethics, all in one ingredient!

Arlasense V5 can fulfil many formulation requirements, with its excellent sensory, high degree of skin spreading and wide pH tolerance. It can be used in formulations as a sensory alternative to silicone, giving very similar sensorial benefits. Arlasense V5 has a very low viscosity and freeze point, and its ether chemistry enables this emollient to function as a non-polar material, allowing it to harmonise well with actives, giving it great formulation versatility in applications that include skincare, colour cosmetics, hair care, sunscreens and antiperspirants.

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*can be considered to be generally suitable for vegan, however, as there is no single definition nor a global standard certification, if you are interested in making a vegan claim, please request our Vegan Suitability statement for specifics on this product, and compare with the certification(s) you are seeking to meet.

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Christina Richardson
Marketing Associate