Croda Personal Care Launches KeraMatch™ V

Global speciality chemical company Croda, is delighted to unveil KeraMatch V, its very latest innovation in hair care ingredients. KeraMatch V is a plant-based alternative to animal-derived keratin that delivers exceptional consumer perceivable improvements without compromising on efficacy or performance.

As consumers become more conscious about their impact on the planet, plant-based lifestyles have become increasingly popular. Over recent years, Europe has seen an increase across all personal care categories of launches that have a vegan or no animal claim. Keratin has been a popular hair care ingredient used in products to repair damaged hair but due to its animal origin, consumers are looking to find other hair care ingredients that are not animal-derived.

KeraMatch V is an optimised, plant-derived protein blend that has an amino acid profile that has been optimised to closely match animal-derived protein. The tensile test results of KeraMatch V are also comparable to animal-derived keratin and test show excellent consumer-perceivable results compared with industry benchmarks.