Croda Personal Care Launches New Moonshine™ Ultra Effect Pigments

Global speciality chemical company Croda, is delighted to unveil four effect pigments to its existing Ultra Effect series, as part of the Moonshine™ Effect Pigment product range.


Launched in 2018, Croda’s range of quality borosilicate-based Moonshine Effect Pigments have already proven to provide unique and innovative effects with exceptional vibrancy, intensity and colour transmission to ensure eye catching results in all types of cosmetic formulations.


These four new Ultra Effect pigments are based on a range of inorganic colourants and are available in an Ultra Shimmer particle size, which is the smallest particle size in the range giving a great twinkling effect. It provides greater vibrancy and enhanced chroma to the perceived colour which gives a bold colour immediately in the pigments.


Inspired by nature’s Aurora Lights, these Ultra Effect pigments in Amethyst Purple, Deep Turquoise, Emerald Green and Pebble Grey, are ideal for creating a twinkling display of shimmering colour cosmetics, that push the boundaries and embrace the trend for trying new experiences. They are also exempt from any animal derived material.


Croda has also created four striking colour cosmetic formulations in the form of three satin pressed eyeshadows and a shimmer eyeliner, to showcase these new Ultra Effect pigments, and help recreate the natural wonder of the Aurora Borealis.


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