Croda’s Top Five Vegan Suitable Formulations

Veganism has gone from niche to necessary and it’s not just about food – it also applies to our skincare regimes, and with planet-friendly beauty  also on the rise, vegan beauty is a great step to becoming more eco-conscious.

Check out our Top Five vegan suitable* range of formulations that will help to provide the very best in vegan self-care, right from head to toe!

Woman wearing hat in a field of wild flowers with arms in the air representing Croda's vegan suitable formulations

Croda Top Five Vegan Scalp Soothing Strand Smoothing Serum formulation

Scalp Soothing Strand Smoothing Serum

Healthy scalp, happy hair! Treat your locks right from root to tip with our Scalp Soothing Strand Smoothing Serum, a lightweight, all-in-one rescue remedy for hair. This multipurpose vegan suitable* formula that recently featured in our Beauty Undefined formulation campaign, contains ingredients that treat both the scalp as well as strands to help promote hair that is smooth and hydrated.

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Croda Top Five Vegan Formulations Naturally Nourishing Facial Cream formulation

Naturally Nourishing Facial Cream

Give your skin a glowing experience with our Naturally Nourishing Facial Cream, a vegan suitable* moisturiser that provides optimum skin hydration with a surprisingly light sensory. Suitable for all skin types, this formulation with a natural content of more than 98%*** helps to achieve a smooth, hydrated and healthy glowing skin.

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Croda Top Five Vegan Smooth as Silk Body Milk formulation

Smooth as Silk Body Milk

Make the most of you with our Smooth as Silk Body Milk, a vegan suitable*, light, milky lotion that envelops the skin in hydration, leaving it feeling velvety soft and silky-smooth. For an al-over feel-good factor, this formulation contains ingredients that help to give the skin a healthy glow and a warm and comforting fragrance that uplifts the senses.

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Crodas top five vegan hydration boost body balm formulation

Hydration Boost Body Balm

A true beauty companion for all-over body moisturisation, our vegan suitable* Hydration Boost Body Balm not only provides optimum hydration to skin, it also has the added benefit of providing an extra boost of hydration for those parts of the body that are prone to dryness. Less is more, and just a small amount of this sumptuous balm is perfect for treating hands, elbows, knees and feet!

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Croda Top Five Vegan Naturally Hydrating Sun Protect SPF30 formulation

Naturally Hydrating Sun Protect Lotion SPF30

Love and protect your skin with our vegan suitable* Naturally Hydrating Sun Protect Lotion SPF30. Suitable for even the most delicate young skin, this sunscreen allows for fun in the sun whilst helping to protect the skin from harmful UV rays, with broad spectrum inorganic UV protection. Containing hydrating active ingredients, this sun lotion also helps to soothe and hydrate sun-kissed skin.

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