Dendriclear™ from IFF-Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

Is a very innovative active ingredient against the factors responsible for acne. Advances in our understanding of the microbiome simply decreasing the C.acnes quantity is no longer key to clearing acne but rebalancing its distribution between acneic and non-acneic strains is! Composed of a unique patented lysine dendrimer obtained with a green chemistry manufacturing process, Dendriclear™ is able to selectively weaken the acneic C. acnes strains to favour growth of non-acneic strains to gently rebalance the acnebiome™ of acne-prone skin in order to recover a healthier microbiota and reduce the appearance of acne for clear and flawless skin. With this breakthrough microbiota-friendly mechanism of action, Dendriclear™ is the next generation of active ingredients in the battle against acne and is a gentle alternative with no undesired side effects, unlike traditional acne-prone skin solutions.