Discover Escin’s anti-cellulite effect for body care


The energising horse chestnut to boost microcirculation

Escin is produced from traceable batches of seeds of Aesculus ippocastanum L., the horse chestnut tree. Crafted from green fractionation, the active molecule is a cross-category ingredient that acts on microcirculation and oedema.


  • Boosts microcirculation,
  • Improves skin oxygenation
  • Drains oedema in cellulite,
  • Releases from heavy legs sensation,
  • Reduces eye puffiness,
  • Prevents hair loss,
  • Counteracts skin redness.


Anti-cellulite creams, legs and foot care, body care products, around the eye – puffy eyes treatments, facial care treatments for oxygenation, hair care products counteracting hair loss, adjuvant treatments for impaired microcirculation.

Green fractionation

Associated claims

Microcirculation booster, skin oxygenation, drainage, anti-cellulite, anti-puffiness, heavy legs reduction, counteracts resting blood flow, anti-bruises.