Emotional Cosmetics for Feel Good Beauty

For the past few years and today more than ever, mental health and self-care have been identified as rising trends in our societies and especially in cosmetics.

People want to see the beauty industry focusing more on making them feel better, than just looking better, and say that using beauty products help to feel better, to improve self-esteem or to reduce stress.

An increasing number of scientific studies established a bidirectional link between skin/hair aspect or disorders and the psychological state of people. Skin and hair are the most noticeable parts of our body and thus important for self-image and mental health (Chen and Lyga, 2014; Jafferany, 2007).

Skin has revealed itself to be a complex organ involved in multiple neuro-immuno-endocrine functions, connecting skin and brain, and involved in many skin and hair functions (Huang and Rompolas, 2020; Nejati et al., 2013).

For many years, psychobiology has been a key Greentech R&D expertise and their scientists are pionneers in the development of cosmetic active ingredients based on a psychobiological approach. Today, 4 Greentech active ingredients are based on this systemic approach, addressing different skin and hair issues, supported by articles published in international scientific journals:

  • Circalys: Chrono-Detox – Feel Good Energizer – To counteract the impacts on skin & mood of fatigue & modern lifestyles.
  • Hebelys: Skin & Mood Uplifter – Golden Age Keeper – To address skin and emotional need of the silver generation woman with Positive Ageing.
  • Expozen: Intensive Discomfort Relief – Microbiota modulation – To soothe visible and perceived signs of skin sensitivity.
  • Arcolys: Anti-Hair Greying & Self-Esteem Booster – To restore natural hair colour and boost self-esteem.