Europe banning Microplastics

Here is the latest information on Europe banning Microplastics – which includes Nylon 12.


Kreglinger (ESP) anticipates that Nylon 12 — a common ingredient in colour cosmetics — will soon be prohibited and will need to be removed from colour cosmetic formulas. As you may have heard, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) is actively removing legal use of microplastics in cosmetic formulas. Microplastics (microparticles + plastics) are currently used in all kinds of colour cosmetics — from loose and pressed powders to mascaras, lipsticks, and foundations.


The ECHA’s definition of a “microparticle”, 5-micron, 10-micron, and 20-micron varieties of Nylon 12 which are frequently used in colour cosmetics meet this definition. Likewise, polyamides


Preparing for this outcome, ESP is introducing ESP EcoCel® 10 and ESP EcoCel® 20 — a revolutionary, all-natural, and biodegradable alternative to Nylon 12. ESP EcoCel® products are made from sustainable hardwood, aloe vera, and seaweed


ESP EcoCel® Benefits Over Nylon 12

  • Drop-in replacement in many cosmetic formulas. Simply use ESP EcoCel instead at the same ratio
  • saving costly reformulation time
  • Little to no interference in color development allowing more vibrant color expression
  • Up to 2x more oil and moisture absorption capability
  • Excellent compressibility
  • Increases formulation stability
  • Improves color pigment distribution on the skin
  • Reduces shine and provides a matte skin finish
  • Provides silky textures to formulations and a velvety skin feel
  • Improves cracking potential in pressed powder formulas
  • Timed-release properties helps ensure proper application


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