Evident’s Evicide®

Evicide® magnolia displays a high antimicrobial activity at low concentrations against a number of different micro-organism, be it gram-positive or gram-negative bacteria, yeasts or moulds. The material can be used as a general antimicrobial booster in your formulation at low concentrations. Or you can apply it as a specialised tool in anti-acne, anti-caries or similar targeted applications. Due to the faint and pleasant odour, mild taste and light colour, no unwanted olfactory characteristics will be imparted on the formulation. In addition to these antimicrobial benefits, Evicide® magnolia also possesses an antioxidative property due to the phenolic structure of the two actives magnolol and honokiol.

Evicide® G 10 is a more specific antimicrobial agent that is especially active against yeast and mold. Due to its chain length Evicide® G 10 is less water soluble than other glycols, which enables it to provide a stronger fungicidal effect and as such, is commonly used as a booster for formulations that require extra protection in this area. In addition, it is also popular as an active to control yeast on the skin.  For example, for instance to reduce Candida in intimate hygiene products or in anti-dandruff formulations.