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Textures and trends are two exciting elements in the world of Beauty & Personal Care. A trend-setting cleansing product that offers exciting sensorial texture benefits together with a clear sustainability story is the key focus for all formulators in today’s new norm.

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Innospec are a Global supplier of ingredients with manufacturing and technical capabilities across worldwide sites. Innospec technical teams take pride in developing formulations in a variety of textures and formats using the right combination of ingredients – all of which promise a trend-setting formulation result for their customers.  In today’s world, ingredients offering gentle cleansing are essential. Innospec’s impressive portfolio offers those endless opportunities to create those sought after effective, mild cleansing experiences. As well as mildness, Innospec’s ingredients offer many options for sustainability-led claims such as COSMOS, naturally derived (according to ISO16128) and sulfate-free.

Sulfate-Free and COSMOS/Ecocert ingredients are key trends shaping today’s personal care market. Consumers all over the world are looking for milder, gentler cleansing products that perform well. The focus is on naturally derived products that deliver a clean feel, without stripping hair and skin of natural oils. Innospec pride themselves on their extensive knowledge of such claims and ensuring formulators work with the right ingredients to create these in-demand products.


Innospec’s COSMOS sulfate-free surfactant blend, Pureact 138:

Pureact 138 (Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate (and) Decyl Glucoside) is 100% naturally derived, very mild combination of surfactants for use in shampoo, face and body cleansers. This blend is COSMOS approved; it provides excellent foam and is easy to use on its own or with other surfactants. Pureact 138 really is the perfect choice for the formulators of today!

Innospec’s unique, solid form taurate, Pureact TR-L90:
Pureact TR-L90 (Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate) makes mild, solid formulating possible. Supplied in flake form, Pureact TR-L90 is very easy to handle, is 80% naturally derived, readily biodegradable, and offers mild cleansing. This ingredient is your answer for the creation of effective, solid shampoos and body washes.

Trends in Textures
You can rely on Innospec’s impressive range of texture formulations to bring new focus for your cleansing project and depending on the desired application; Innospec can work with you to determine the desired type of foaming quality and characteristics.

Combining high quality performance ingredients, Innospec put their own twist on everything from solid products, to transforming textured products, including a Powder-to-Foam Shampoo, Naked & Natural Vegan Cleansing Bar with Pureact TR-L90 and a COSMOS Foaming Hand Cleanser with Pureact 138. Innospec’s products can provide effective, mild cleansing whilst making sure the product is fun to use!

Sustainability at Innospec
Innospec are a proud member of RSPO (Round Table on sustainable Palm Oil) and have recently become a member of the ASD initiative (Action for Sustainable Derivatives). ASD sets out to create a global, transparent mapping of the palm derivatives supply chain. Innospec also received Gold CSR rating, EcoVadis 2019.

All Innospec sites in Europe are now manufacturing using only renewable sources of electricity and they are proud to offer a variety of products for reducing water usage with our range of effective, dry surfactants to create concentrated or solid cleansers. Innospec have a huge internal drive to provide COSMOS approved ingredients, with over 50 ingredients approved or awaiting approval. Their portfolio also includes an impressive range of ingredients that offer >50% naturally derived according to ISO16128.
To hear more about our sustainability initiatives please visit www.innospecsustainability.com

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