Explore Zero-to-Less Waste with INNOSPEC

With such a versatile, sustainability-centric portfolio and a team of technical experts, Innospec have some fantastic opportunities to create innovative formulations that inspire our customers.


Innospec’s new zero-to-less waste formulation collection features a range of bars, sticks, powders and super concentrates for hair, face and body applications, all of which have different packaging options including dissolvable paper and aluminium tins.


AC338 Seas the Day

Seas the Day is just one of many formulations in Innospec’s collection, available as a bar, stick or puck format.


The bar shown in the video features Innospec’s sulfate-free surfactants, Iselux® LQ-CLR-SB and Pureact I-85EC for mild, gentle cleansing and uses zero waste packaging that dissolves during the first use.



Innospec’s promise when formulating to reduce plastic and water usage:

  • To offer a variety of concentrated ingredients and solid formulations that require less water, plastic and packaging.
  • Provide ingredients that deliver ease of rinsability, using less water during use
  • Offer concentrated solutions to reduce transportation costs
  • Provide support and inspiration for packaging such as aluminium and recyclable options for environmentally friendly products.

Innospec’s inspirational ingredients for concentrated or water-free products:

  • Activsoft CD – a low viscosity guar for use in opaque and clear-in-hand liquid soap bar formulations
  • Iselux® – a unique, sulfate-free surfactant in flake form
  • Pureact TR-L90 – a unique, easy to use, low sat, flake form taurate surfactant
  • Pureact SNDT-65 – an optimized blend designed for mild syndet/combo bars – enhances processing efficiency and consumer performance.
  • Pureact I-78P – a powder form, sulfate-free Isethionate surfactant
  • Empicol® XCT 14 – a sulfate-free, EO-free concentrated surfactant blend in paste form


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