Fighting Gravity-Induced Skin Sagging

EleVastin from Gattefosse is a targeted solution to gravity-induced skin sagging. The ingredient strengthens the elasticity of the skin, giving it the support needed to cope with this downward pressure.

Renewed elastic potential The efficacy of EleVastin has been demonstrated using various models of increasing complexity. The ingredient boosts key proteins involved in the synthesis and maintenance of functional elastic fibres: elastin, fibrillin-1 and fibulin-5. It also protects elastic fibres against their degradation by elastases. Through this mechanism of action, it ensures an increase of the density of elastic fibres coupled with an augmented skin elasticity. These last outcomes have been obtained using an advanced spheroid model developed in our cell culture laboratory.

Tested at 1% only, on 37 volunteers, the ingredient proved its capacity to reduce drooping of the lower face. Skin elasticity is significantly improved vs. placebo. Facial contours are better defined, and deep vertical wrinkles are significantly reduced. A novel and original measure of the effects of gravity on facial morphology was adopted, confirming the ability of EleVastin to limit the impact of gravity on ageing signs of the face.

Traditional plants used for therapeutic or culinary purposes are an unlimited source of inspiration for Gattefossé scientists. One of these plants, Murraya koenigii, has been used for hundreds of years in ayurvedic medicine and in cuisine.

In association with the company’s local, long-time partner, leafy stems of the Murraya koenigii tree are manually harvested from fertilizer-free plots in the preserved environment of La Reunion island.
A rich pool of synergistic phytomolecules is obtained using an innovative blend of solvents from plant origin and gentle extraction process. This results in a 100% natural origin content according to the norm ISO 16128 and a COSMOS approved ingredient.