Gattefossé launches ‘Escapism’ collection

Gattefossé is launching its new Inspiration 2022 collection. Named Escapism, this is described as “an invitation to dream of new destinations while rethinking the way of traveling”.

The kit has five new formulas, all in solid form for travel-friendliness and multi-functionality. They start with Magma Mask. This is a 98% natural origin mask in the form of solid black pellets, with one pellet representing a single dose so that only the amount needed is used.

After crushing the pellet in the palm, the user mixes it with another of the formulas, Everything Balm, a multifunctional anhydrous balm texture, or just hot water. This forms a thick black mask that is then spread directly onto the skin and rinsed off after ten minutes.

Also in the collection are: Softer Skin Stick, a scrub in a stick format for convenient use; Scalp & Body Scrub, an exfoliating wax that rinses easily; and Slide n’ Foam, a solid face cleanser with a new application process.

“Each year, we focus on one or more themes illustrated with new formulations. The idea is above all for our lab team members to let their imagination and creativity run free, to propose original and surprising formulas while respecting our charter in terms of naturality and sustainability,” said Flora Bollon, product marketing leader for texture and applications at Gattefossé.