Halal-certified personal care ingredients

Ensuring we have an inclusive range of products is of key importance to Croda. As such, you can be assured when it comes to our extensive range of halal-certified products. In addition, Croda stays informed and updated on Indonesia’s Halal regulations, in accordance to Majlis Ugama Islam (MUI) and Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Produk Halal (BPJPH).

Croda has over 900 halal-certified ingredients to support your product formulation, research and development. All in all, to serve your market needs better.

three muslim women stood outside observing a camera screen

The rising market need for halal regulations

Halal-certified products are seen as a way to bridge faith and lifestyle choices for Muslims.

This is not to say that these products only target the Muslim population. With an increasing number of consumers who are gravitating toward ethical lifestyle choices, halal-certified products are breaking into the cosmetics and personal care industry.

In addition, Croda is actively seeking certification of additional manufacturing sites globally. We strive to further expand our product offerings, so as to meet the needs of all customers and end-consumers. Croda wants to empower formulation flexibility with this assurance.

With more than 900 halal-certified ingredients to support your product research and development, download our halal-certified ingredient list for more information!

Halal product assurance law

The implementation timing for personal care brands now starts from Oct 2021. Hence, personal care companies will have a grace period of up to Oct 2026 to comply with the Halal labelling law. New applications for halal certification are made to the BPJPH, which is their Halal Product Assurance Organising Agency.

The validity period of the halal certification has been extended from two to four years. The law provides protection and assurance of halal products in Indonesia and aids the Muslim community in making accurate decisions on halal and haram brands.