Hectorite in Personal Care products

Hectorite clay is used in many personal care ingredients from Elementis. It has many unique properties including:

– Shear thinning properties
– Improved stability
– Excellent suspension of actives and pigments
– Cold processable
– Luxurious skin feel

See below for NEW launches from Elementis featuring Hectorite!

Bentone Hydroclay™ 2100

An easily dispersible powdered smectite clay. It imparts thixotropic viscosity to the water phase of cosmetics. It is particularly effective as a means of improving suspension control without unduly increasing viscosity.

Bentone® Luxe XO

A multi-functional, cold process-able and robust clay-based emulsifier that enables the formulator to create high oil-containing emulsions, delivering excellent rheology control, ideal for innovative skin care and colour cosmetics.