Lucas Meyer’s Heliosoft™

Is a 100% natural origin O/W emulsifier, composed of sunflower phospholipids and fatty esters and alcohols from rapeseed. Phospholipid-based, Heliosoft™ promotes lamellar organisation in formulas, providing a perfect affinity to the skin and an extreme tolerance. This biomimetic structure of Heliosoft™ brings an unctuous touch, while leaving a very soft and comfortable sensation as well as a protective film on the skin after application. Heliosoft™ is highly efficient as it is able to emulsify up to 40% oil alone at 4% and is compatible with all kind of oils, pigments, chemical and physical UV filters. It can also be added to formulas as a co-emulsifier or skin feel enhancer, thus providing formulators high flexibility to create very fluid to thick textures. Not only is Heliosoft™ an efficient emulsifier, but its phospholipid components also give it strong active properties as well keeping the skin moisturised, repairing damaged skin by quickly restoring the skin barrier function and enhancing the bioavailability and penetration of active ingredients for improved efficacy. Heliosoft™ is the ideal emulsifier to create emulsions especially dedicated to sensitive skin.