How to calculate SPF when formulating with inorganic UV filters

As formulators you will be looking to meet a range of SPF and UVA labelling requirements and our newly launched Solaveil Calculator is an easy-to-use tool that provides data on inclusion levels and achievable SPF using our Solaveil range of safe and effective inorganic UV filters.

I know the SPF I want to achieve 
The Solaveil Calculator gives you the SPF for single ingredients and provides you with quick information about what levels to use.

I know the inclusion level of inorganic UV filter 
The Solaveil Calculator allows you to look at the efficacy of Solaveils. You can use this for combinations of Solaveils, however, please note that the critical wavelength, UVA/UVB ratio and EU requirement for UVA protection are not additive so not calculable by the tool.

Disclaimer; The Solaveil Calculator is not a replacement for in-vivo testing and does not indicate the inclusion level limits (25% TiO2 and 25% ZnO).