IBR-Chill™ – Meditation in a bottle to fight Anxi-Aging™

Infinity Ingredients is proud to represent Lucas Meyer Cosmetics here in the UK and Ireland.  Their latest product launch is IBR-ChillTM – Meditation in a bottle to fight Anxi-Aging™


As you all know, stress and anxiety have been exacerbated due to the global pandemic.  The resulting COVID FACE is a big concern for consumers worldwide whereby anxiety is accelerating the visible sign of aging.


Anxiety and stress activate the skin immune cells, initiating a local stress response and a vicious cycle of stress-induced inflammatory events. Inflammation accelerates the skin cellular aging resulting in Anxi-Aging™.


With IBR-Chill™, IFF-Lucas Meyer Cosmetics has developed a technology that captures and transfers the desert chill vibe to bring meditation benefits and fight Anxi-Aging™


Tested on a psychologically stressed population, IBR-Chill™ reduced the appearance of wrinkles and improved skin elasticity and firmness; reduced skin microcirculation, skin redness and red spot appearance; and improved skin resilience to fight heat and chemical stress induced inflammation.


IBR-Chill™ is a sustainable extract based on renewable biomass, organically grown in the Israeli desert. Mindful about the environment and water usage their growers are using advanced precision irrigation methods for sustainable agriculture practice in the desert.