Ingredient Specific Skincare Saviours for Babies

When a little one arrives, there are so many things to think about and take care of. Not just for baby, but for mum as well. And one of those is of course, skincare.

As a new mum, it’s important to care for that soft, precious and delicate baby skin but don’t forget to look after your own skin as well, because after all, pregnancy takes its toll!

In our second blog about baby skincare, we’re delving into the wonderful world of ingredients that exist for both mummy and baby skin, or as we like to call them, our skincare saviours.

Babies are prone to certain skincare ailments such as nappy rash, cradle crap and skin sores. As your little bundle of joy can’t tell you how this is making them feel, it’s up to you to find the kindest, gentlest and of course natural product to soothe.

And don’t forget to get creative with our oils. For a breath of fresh air, add them to plug in air fresheners and diffusers, or to help with broken sleep routines, add to sleep sprays or use in aromatherapy diffusers.


Six skincare saviours


We’ve selected our six skincare saviours that can be safely used in baby skin care formulations.

Tamanu Seed Oil Cold Pressed

This gem from the South Pacific is frequently used in baby products because of it has great healing benefits. Try it for nappy rash, teething sores, dribble rash and any sore skin spots. It also has wonderful antioxidant properties.


Coconut Oil Unrefined Organic

Much has been written about the power of coconut oil due to its ability to soften skin, so there’s no wonder this all-round oil has some amazing benefits for babies. We have many different coconut oils but this particular one is effective for nappy rash, cradle cap or to use during a soothing baby massage.


Jojoba Seed Oil Golden Cold Pressed

This cold-pressed oil originating from Israel can be added to any baby product. It is a super emollient and works well when applied directly to the skin, making it perfect for baby massage.


Vitamin E

New mums know how important it is to protect babies’ skin as they grow, so enter Vitamin E. This natural antioxidant, helps to prevent the effects of free radicals, which can damage your skin and hair cells.


Essential Oils

Using essential oils on your little one’s skin can be really hit and miss, and it’s important to be really careful with the percentages you use.

We are rounding up our six saviours with two essential oils that are safe for use at the correct percentage inclusion rate for baby skincare.


Lavender Essential Oil

As a new mum, you might not be getting too much sleep, but the iconic and soothing aroma of lavender is here to help. The good news is that this calming oil can be used as a pillow spray or in a room diffuser, helping you and baby to get some much-needed zzzzs.


Chamomile Essential Oil

This Chamomile Roman oil dates back as far as the Egyptians and there’s no wonder it has stood the test of time with its sweet and fruity aroma. It has a calming effect making it perfect for night time routine and massage oils.

We hope this blog has given you inspiration to develop skincare formulations that will be effective for both mum and baby.

We believe in natural and organic products for mums, dads and little ones. Don’t forget you can check out our products here