InnovaBioTech Haberlea by Innova BM Ltd

We bring to your attention InnovaBioTech Haberlea by Innova BM Ltd – a natural, potent active ingredient from in vitro culture of Haberlea rhodopensis. An outstanding active from an outstanding plant.

Haberlea, also known as the Orpheus flower, is a true gift of nature. It is a resurrection plant, which means that it can come back to life after years of water deprivation. It’s among the oldest plant species on Earth and has survived a major ice age. Haberlea has rejuvenating properties – the leaves have been used for centuries for their detoxifying, tonic, restorative and rejuvenating effects and for wound healing. For its special qualities, it was worshipped by the local people since Thracian and Roman times and depicted on coins. A cluster of legends grew around the mystical plant, linking it to the legendary Thracian musician and healer Orpheus. Modern science has confirmed its cell revitalizing and anti-aging properties, radical scavenging, anti-oxidant and cytoprotective activities.

You have never heard of it? Don’t be surprised. Its natural habitat consists of only 32 small areas in the Rhodope and the Balkan mountains. It is a protected species and picking it is strictly forbidden.

Innova BM Ltd has succeeded in developing in vitro culture of Haberlea rhodopensis (patent pending) and now the outstanding properties of Haberlea can reach your cosmetic product in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. In vitro cultivation also allows overproduction of secondary metabolites in the cells, without genetic modification.

InnovaBioTech Haberlea is a powerful anti-age active ingredient. Its most pronounced effect is skin lifting through enhanced elasticity. It also improves the overall skin appearance with a focus on increased skin radiance and hydration, as well as decreased pigmentation.

The mechanisms of action of InnovaBioTech Haberlea are complex and interconnected, due to its rich phyto-chemical composition, which mimics the synergy created by nature. However, two mechanisms stand out:
• Myconoside, the predominant caffeoyl phenylethanoid glycoside in the plant, has been proven to protect and stimulate mRNA for Collagen XVI, Collagen VI, Membrane Type 1 Metalloprotease and Elastin.
• Myconoside, Salicylic acid, Rosmarinic acid and other phyto-chemicals protect the skin proteins from oxidaton and inhibit lipid peroxidation.

In vitro studies have proven high anti-oxidant properties, exceeding those of the natural plant extract.

In vivo studies have demonstrated a pronounced increase in skin elasticity, radiance and hydration, as well as a decrease in skin pigmentation. Other reported effects are: evening of the skin tone, disappearance of redness, filling in of fine wrinkles, diminishing of deep wrinkles.

INCI: Glycerin, Haberlea rhodopensis leaf extract
Origin: In vitro culture extract
Preservation: Glycerin
Dosage: 0,15 – 3%

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