Introducing: O&3’s Range of Cold-Pressed Fruit Oils

At O&3, we offer a wide range of natural oil ingredients for the wholesale market. Here, we’ll be honing in on one particular type — our cold-pressed fruit oils.

Allow us to introduce our full range of cold-pressed fruit oil formulations — they might just be the solution for your next product development campaign. Want to learn more about these innovative, completely natural ingredients?

Say ‘hello’ to… The O&3 range of cold-pressed fruit oils

What are cold-pressed fruit oils?

Fruit oils are extracted from a source material — most often a fruit seed, shell or similar. The fruit oil is then extracted by placing these into a cold press. The result? A completely natural, highly-functional ingredient which can then be incorporated seamlessly into a range of products.

So, what’s all the rage? Cold-pressed fruit oils have become increasingly popular for their emollient, anti-inflammatory and antioxidative effects — promoting cell regeneration to leave smooth, soft and hydrated skin. With strong essential acid and nutrient profiles, cold-pressed fruit oils consist of 100% natural ingredients. Nothing artificial, whatsoever. They’re also a zero waste product too!

With many consumers interested in making the healthy, sustainable choice, the marketing benefits afforded by cold-pressed fruit oils have helped them to become a firm favourite in product development circles.

What can cold-pressed fruit oils be used for?

With excellent absorption and functionality, they’re ideal for use in body and skincare products; we’re talking facial oils, soaps, creams, masks and even shampoos and hair oils. Depending on the fruit oil and the dilution used, some are even suitable as food ingredients!

As it may take quite a while to walk through our entire range, here’s a brief overview of three cold-pressed fruit oils that we offer at O&3…

  • Strawberry Seed Oil, Cold Pressed — This versatile formulation was part of the inspiration for our range of fruit seed oils. As well as its fantastic antioxidant and fatty acid profile, our strawberry seed fruit oil has a very pleasant light marzipan aroma.
  • Pomegranate Seed Oil, Cold Pressed — Like all fruit oils, pomegranate is a classic skin protector that’s bursting with essential acids and nutrients. This detoxifying fruit oil applies with no fuss at all — perfect for skincare and hair oil products, and zero-waste to boot.
  • Plum Oil, Cold Pressed — Cold-pressed plum is the ticket to fresh, younger-looking skin. With an aromatic almond-like scent, this oil is packed with everything that makes fruit oils so good — antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and emollients.


Available in a wide range of aromas, colours and nutrient profiles, our omega-rich fruit oils are the ideal ingredient for an organic, forward-thinking skincare product.

How do we source our fruit oils?

As the name may suggest, cold-pressed fruit oils are extracted under a controlled temperature setting. A by-product of the fruit processing industry, there are many source materials for our cold-pressed fruit oils.

For our strawberry seed fruit oil, for example, we collect seeds from the fruit juice industry. These are then crushed under pressure (cold pressed), resulting in a light, fruity and versatile aromatic oil. Because these fruit oils are made from by-products, there’s no waste at all.

If the oil is coming from a pit or shell, friction and heat are created during the extraction process. But for any oil to be considered ‘cold pressed’, this heat must never exceed 120°F (49°C). If the temperature rises too much during the extraction process, the natural compounds in the end product can be affected, potentially damaging quality and purity.

By ensuring this crucial temperature control, we’re able to offer an expansive range of cold-pressed fruit oils that don’t compromise on subtle flavour, colour or nutritional value.

Zero-waste oil formulations

Has sustainability ever been such a priority for so many? Consumers, brands, governments and many other organisations are taking a keen, ever-growing interest in all things ‘green’. For many businesses, being seen to make the correct environmental choice is a crucial part of brand strategy and product development.

This is where, at O&3, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront. As we’ve discussed, our cold-pressed fruit oils are recycled by-products from the fruit processing industry, meaning they’re completely zero waste — they would have been otherwise disposed of! If you want to learn more, we’ve written previously about our Raspberry Seed Oil and all the amazing zero-waste benefits it brings.

These cold-pressed oils are developed for those who want to get involved with the unstoppable movement for a greener planet.

A range of cold-pressed fruit oils like no other

Whatever subtlety of aroma or flavour you’re after, whichever colour or nutrient makeup, you’ll find just what you’re looking for in the expansive O&3 range. In fact, without blowing our own trumpets too much, we’d say that you’ll struggle to find a range of cold-pressed fruit oils that’s as extensive and comprehensive as ours anywhere else.

O&3: The Oil Family

Looking to truly stand out from the crowd? We’re your people; a wholesale supplier of innovative natural oil ingredients. If you’re wanting to learn more about our exciting cold-pressed fruit oil formulations, explore the full O&3 offering and give your product development that leading edge.

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