JRS- VITACEL CS 5 Oat, 5 Apple, 7 Orange

Functional Upcycled Powders for a range of applications

  • Ultra Small 5 and 7 micron particle sizes
  • Wrinkle Filling
  • Light Scattering/ Soft Focus
  • Perfect for Facial Moisturisers, Concealers and Eye Contour Serums
  • Pickering emulsions


JRS’s extensive range of cellulose and microcrystalline cellulose based sensorial and effect powders is well known. Maybe less well known are JRS’s Upcycled VITACEL powders. These  powders are by-products of the food industry. The Oat powder is a 5 micron size fibre which is a derived, via mechanical grinding processes, from the inedible protective hull of the  Oat which is usually discarded after “de-hulling”.  The Apple and Orange powders are both by-products of the juicing process whereby the left over insoluble Pomace is dried prior to mechanical grinding down to a particle size of 5 and 7 respectively.


All 3 powders are easy to use and insoluble in water and oil. In o/w emulsions they can be added at any stage of the manufacturing process and are completely inert. On application these powders give a light powdery feel on the skin and have the added advantage of reducing stickiness and tackiness where polymers and other sticky materials have been used in the formulation. Visual effects include mattifying, wrinkle filling and soft focus/ light scattering- perfect for the “Selfie-generation”.


VITACEL CS 5 Oat, 5 Apple and 7 Orange can be used in a host of facial skin care products including, Primers, Concealers,  BB and CC creams and Serums.  Used in combination with active ingredients, these VITACEL Upcycled powders, can give enhanced performance by adding the extra dimension of- “instant visual effect” to the long term anti-aging claims.


Furthermore, the Oat and Apple powders have been shown to work well in Pickering emulsions, where the primary emulsifier in a conventional o/w emulsion is replaced by a solid phase particle. This can allow for the formulation of “emulsifier free” emulsions and also allows for the potential of “100% Natural” claims.


VITACEL CS 5 Oat, VITACEL CS 5 Apple and VITACEL CS 7 Orange are all from Sustainable source, 100% Natural (ISO16128), Cosmos Certified and Readily Biodegradable.


For more information please contact: trevor.barker@rettenmaier.eu