LipoTrue launches skin stress-combatting Telessence concept

LipoTrue has unveiled its Telessence concept, described as the “ultimate range of actives for a complete wellbeing” to combat skin stress.

The range is based on three different classes of stress that affects skin appearance: ‘Phystress’ (physical), ‘Emostress’ (emotional) and ‘Envirostress’ (exposure to heat/cold/dryness and UV/IR radiation).

Telessence Mitelion is an ingredient obtained from bilberry fruits and rosemary leaves designed to keep the mitochondria fit to tackle Phystress.

Telessence Telmeric is biomimetic, both structurally and functionally of the tumeric spice (Curcuma longa), and designed to enhance skin resiliency against Envirostress.

Finally, Telessence Breeztel modulates SP and cortisol release preventing cell biological ageing caused by telomeres shortening, and destresses the skin by restoring and repairing epidermal and dermal emotional balance to fight Emostress.