Meet the colour trends for the coming seasons!

Merck, a leading manufacturer of stunning pearlescent pigments have launched their Autumn/ Winter colour forecast for 2022/2023. Each year, Merck creates 4 colour stories in order to inspire their customers in their creation of unique products. The Colour forecast #47 offers a complete portfolio composed of beauty looks, formulations and videos showing their pigment shades.

For the autumn/winter colour forecast, the leading theme is Boost. An energy boost, an empowering boost that we all need after these troubled times! In fact, the emergence of a global virus has challenged our lives and made us become clearer about our personal values. The Colour Forecast #47 illustrates the awakening of our senses that drives our curiosity and motivates us to act! In fact, the boost represents the vivacity and the diversity of new directions that open to us.

Merck created 4 Boosts that illustrate this theme and will inspire you for the Autumn/Winter 2022/23 season:


The first boost is a CONCENTRATED BOOST. It is all about peaceful reconnection, wellbeing, caring beauty, new essentials, and soothing comfort. Cocoon textures merge with soft and soothing colours infused with energizing gold. It inspires the end of spiritual blocks and encourages mental fulfillment. Watch the video here Concentrated Boost


Secondly, we have an UNREASONABLE BOOST. This boost is celebrating pop culture inspiration, playful energy, regression, joyful escape, and funny dissonance. Lively, pop colors or regressive candy tones are inspired by cartoons and cuddly toys. It invites to explore our ability to reinvent everything to the max. Watch the video here Unreasonable Boost


FANTASTIC BOOST is the third. It introduces a fascinating universe, eccentricity, luxuriant aesthetic, ornamentation, and an imaginary world. A palette of dense, vibrant colors is inspired by wild fantasy and otherworldly gems. It finds inspiration in the fusion of humanity with nature to the extreme. Watch the video here Fantastic Boost


Finally, the CONQUERING BOOST introduces an idea of aesthetic design, performance, assertive beauty, glam empowerment, and noble luxury. Dark and neutral shades with metallic finishes communicate instinctive strength. Watch the video here Conquering Boost

Want to find out more about the Merck Colour Forecast #47 for Autumn/Winter 2022/2023 and how you can use it to enhance not just colour cosmetics but across a range of Personal Care applications please contact us here and we can arrange to share the full presentations and kit with you and your team.