Micro Powders, Inc. – Exfoliants

Synscrub is a worldwide approved, economical and eco-friendly exfoliant derived from biodegradable synthetic wax, offered in both irregular and spherical shapes for different scrub performance. It is Micro Powers’ best synthetic alternative to polyethylene plastic microbeads.

The irregular products go as followed:

The Sherical products:

Micro Powers, Inc has also created Synscrub Colours, a worldwide approved, permanently coloured, bleed-resistant spherical exfoliants derived from biodegradable synthetic wax that provide unique visual effects.

Naturescrub® is a worldwide approved, irregular, biodegradable exfoliant range, derived from Copernicia wax, Hydrogenated Castor Oil and Glycol Montanate. They are offered in a variety of particle sizes for a variety of performances.

Naturebead® is a worldwide approved, spherical exfoliant, naturally obtained from various waxes, providing gentle exfoliation when rubbed into the skin.

Finally, Bioscrub® is a range of natural exfoliants made from polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB). These marine and freshwater biodegradable scrubs are produced from the biofermentation of vegetable sugars. They are available in uncoloured and white versions and a variety of particle sizes.