Milk Thistle Flower Extract for Healthy Ageing

Clariant Active Ingredients’ new milk thistle flower extract Celyscence targets this major contributor to the skin ageing process to recover healthy skin and improve hydration and brightness.

Demonstrating its scientifically-proven effectiveness on areas including the ageing-sensitive yet often neglected décolleté, Celyscence delivers a new approach for formulators to innovate and differentiate in the healthy ageing skin care space.

Alexandre Lapeyre, Global Head of Marketing and Business Development, Clariant Active Ingredients comments: “Delaying the formation of senescent cells is key to maintaining healthy skin. Novel active ingredient Celyscence has strong capabilities to target and selectively clear out senescent cells, to successfully mitigate the impacts of senescence and repair damaged cells. The skin is protected from silent damage and stays healthier longer. It’s more hydrated, brighter and firmer. Just some of its contributions to healthy aging that will give formulators an exciting and effective new strategy for exploring future consumer skin care.”

Celyscence, an active ingredient born from Clariant Active Ingredients and Biospectrum research, is  aimed towards preventing a decline in skin function and promoting healthy ageing skin. The extract draws on the therapeutic properties of milk thistle, using the flowers to achieve particularly wide activity in targeting and counteracting cellular senescence.