Natural Skincare Under the Microscope

In our last blog, we took a deep dive into organic beauty – what it really means and why it has become so popular. And (forgive us), but we may have had a little boast about the fact that we are proud to be COSMOS organically certified by The British Soil Association. So yes, we’ve ticked the organic box, but what about natural skincare?

So much is written about natural, organic, clean, chemical-free and so on, it’s hard to know what really is best and what it all means. For this blog, we put our microscope on natural skincare to find out why using clean and natural ingredients is so popular right now.

The words ‘nature’ and ‘natural’ always bring to mind wonderful imagery of the outdoors, fresh air, trees, picnics and walking in the countryside. In fact, as a nation we have never been closer to nature with 76%[1] of Brits having taken up at least one new form of exercise in lockdown, with walking being the most popular (30%).

But stepping back inside, what does this mean for our beauty regime? And how can we ensure that we are using the cleanest, chemical-free products possible?


What is Natural Beauty?


There is divided opinion in the beauty industry about whether natural and eco-friendly is best or scientific, lab-based and synthetic. Here at O&3 we passionately believe in the power of natural beauty, hence our commitment to the COSMOS certification.

It’s very difficult to get a conclusive definition of what natural skincare really means, but for us it’s the following things:

  • The products have been formulated with ingredients found in nature
  • The products have come from natural sources such as fruit, vegetables, seeds, stones and botanicals
  • Products which don’t contain synthetic preservatives such as parabens
  • The ingredients are grown without the use of pesticides and solvents


The COSMOS certification mark is one of the best indicators and the gold standard that a product is completely natural, so always look out for this.

Natural ingredients your skin will love

O&3 offers over 200 natural and organic products that your skin will love:

Ingredients sourced from fruit and vegetables, such as Tangerine, an essential oil which is bursting with citrus and antiseptic properties or Broccoli Seed Oil, with a fatty acid profile including Uric acid (omega 9), which is popular for use in hair products.

Ingredients sourced from seeds and stones, such as Apricot Kernel Oil, which is traditionally used in face masks and creams because it helps to soften the skin and is easily absorbed.

Non-fragrant oils such as our wild harvested Rosehip Seed Oil, which contains vitamin C and can be applied directly to the skin and face.

And not forgetting those wonderful nuts such as Argan Oil. When cold pressed, the Argan nut delivers an ingredient rich in vitamin E with no limits to where it can be applied.

From the soil to the oil, we’re committed to making the best possible environmental and social improvements for everyone involved in our business. Our globe-trotting team travels the world to source the best natural and organic oil ingredients.

We hope this blog has given you a flavour of what natural beauty is all about and inspired you to check out our organic collection here.

Finally, remember to order your sample.


[1] Source: Nuffield Health