NEW addition to Berkem Floral Range

Available in conventional & organic version

  • Bamboo Water (INCI: Bambusa vulgaris water);
    Bamboo water presents soothing properties which help to reduce skin irritations. It has a remineralizing action and is ideal to give radiance back to tired skins. The regenerating properties of bamboo water provide stimulation of the skin repair process. The skin is then revitalized, repaired and presents a renewed luminous glow.


  • Everlast Floral Water (INCI: Helichrysum italicum flower water);
    Everlast floral water has antioxidant property and fights effectively against cutaneous cells oxidative stress. Its soothing properties makes it perfect to relieve and soften irritated skins. It is also antibacterial and antiviral. It allows a deep cleaning without causing aggression on skin. Everlast floral water allows decreasing viruses spread while keeping a soft and soothed skin.


  • Linden Floral Water (INCI: Tilia platyphyllos flower water);
    Thanks to its antioxidant property, linden floral water fights against cutaneous cells oxidative stress which is induced by external aggressions. Its detoxifying effect provides a deep cleaning of the skin, by eliminating all the toxins which are accumulated on surface. Linden floral water regulates excess sebum. It is ideal to mattify the skins with oily tendency.


  • Peperrmint Water (INCI: Mentha piperita leaf water);
    Peppermint water is known for its repairing properties for face and body. It allows to restructure and to remodel the skin. It also helps to regenerate tissues. Peppermint leaves composition brings to this water soothing properties, acting on irritated skins. This water modulates inflammation and limits visually its effect.


Please contact Daksha Patel, , at Kreglinger for further information

Botanical extracts and floral waters for face, body and hair care.

The plants, exotic or traditional, have been carefully selected for their properties and their ancestral use, and provide various essential natural benefits for the care of the face, body and hair. The extraction processes developed limit the impact on the environment and preserve the integrity of the active molecules naturally present in plants.

Botanical extracts are obtained from a responsible extraction process, carried out at low temperature and with short kinetics, in order to extract the maximum number of active compounds while maintaining their effectiveness. Preservative-free and in hydroglycerine form, they are a source of active molecules (flavonoids, tannins, vitamins, AHAs, saponins, carotenoids, etc.).

Floral waters, resulting from a distillation process and composed of aromatic molecules, constitute real “active waters” for the formulas.

Available in a conventional version, some ingredients are also available in an organic version (Cosmos certified).