NEW LAUNCH – PhytoCide Lichen (INCI: 2, 3-Butanediol (and) Cladonia Rangiferina Extract)

The development of PhytoCide Lichen (INCI: 2, 3-Butanediol (and) Cladonia Rangiferina Extract) is being proudly announced by Active Micro Technologies, sister company of Active Concepts. Cladonia Rangiferina, commonly called “reindeer lichen,” is abundant in northern woodlands and was given that name in honor of the reindeer that consumes it. Lichen is not a plant, nor an animal – it is actually a symbiosis between fungi and algae. They produce and collect a wide range of phenolic secondary chemicals, such as usnic acid, as a defense against herbivores as an adaptation for living in harsh settings.


The preservative industry has been burgeoning with outstanding development over the past decades. The main reasons behind it are the increase in customers’ demands on natural, sustainable, and clean for beauty and personal care products.


This is why preservatives play an increasingly important role in cosmetic formulations; preservation is no longer thought of as the final stage in the formulation process, but rather as a need that can serve several purposes and improve formulae cosmetic properties.” comments Raphaëlle Tron.


Following this philosophy, Active Micro Technologies harnesses cosmetic functionality, combined with antimicrobial activity to offer a unique story and benefits. They aimed to provide a natural and comprehensive solution that could match sustainability and functionality with a range of products capable to meet formulation needs and antimicrobial integrity expectations.


The sister company of Active Concepts was able to generate PhytoCide Lichen from Cladonia Rangiferina a unique active rich in usnic acid that provides broad-spectrum protection for cosmetic applications with good compliancy in anionic systems. Usnic acid has a wide range of biological activity, most notably antibacterial activity against plant and human infections, as well as inhibitory effect against antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains. With antioxidant capabilities, this new active will also help protect the skin from oxidative stress and cell aging.


In research, PhytoCide Lichen has proven the following:

– Exhibited greater antioxidant activity than 200μM Trolox®.

– Fibroblasts treated with PhytoCide Lichen at 0.01%, 0.1%, and 1.0% exhibited a reduction in oxidative stress levels compared to fibroblasts exposed to AntA.

– The positive MIC screening results warranted further testing to confirm its ability to provide product preservation.


About Active Micro Technologies

Active Micro Technologies, which focuses on natural product chemistry, offers a spectrum of eco-friendly, nature-based multi-functional chemicals that combine cosmetic utility with antimicrobial activity. This range of effective and natural antimicrobials comprises aqueous, oil soluble, anhydrous, and powder treatment ingredients that can decrease or eliminate the requirement for conventional preservatives. Active Micro Technologies also custom-develops products for preservation and antibacterial solutions, allowing customers to lead the industry with unique formulas and applications.

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