Novastell talks 2022 trends: Growth in brain and beauty boosters from within

Novastell, the global specialist phospholipid supplier to the health, beauty and supplement markets, has shared insight into two of the biggest trends fuelling personal care and beauty in 2022: nutricosmetics and nootropics.


Novastell believes that consumer requirements will drive these trends as brand innovation and consumer demands align – setting the scene for future growth in these two promising product areas.


In 2020, the global market for nutricosmetics was valued at $5.36bn and it is expected that it could reach €8bn by 2026 on the back of strong sales and product innovation in Asia and Europe. Looking at the market for nootropics, growth is expected at 12.5% to 2025 – making this a fast-moving category, too.


“In order to innovate and capture vital consumer attention, product formulators are acknowledging that beauty brands are betting on beauty and brain-boosting products to drive skin health and wellness from within. The goal is to integrate physical and mental health with beauty science,” explains Carla Felgueiras, global product manager ingredients at Novastell.


Nutricosmetics, the point where nutrition and cosmetics meet, refers to the beneficial effects that can result from ingesting food ingredients with functional benefits on skin, hair and nails, brain and mental health. This can be carried in traditional food and beverage products or food supplements containing functional ingredients such as phospholipids. This is true for nootropics too. In fact, market research agency Mintel indicates that beverages are “the obvious conduit” for nootropics due to their ability to be digested more quickly than food – allowing a near immediate uptake and quick brain boost.


“As we age, the natural production of unsaturated fatty acids in our body begins to slow down and can only be supplemented by our diet. There are different series of unsaturated fatty acids, among them, Omega-7, a rare family of unsaturated fatty acids provided by the sea buckthorn berry. Also known as the ‘holy fruit’ of Tibet, this berry is found in centuries-old medical texts in Tibet and China. It was used to treat coughs, digestive problems, skin problems, wounds and burns,” Felgueiras points out.

Formulating supplements with powerful plant antioxidants such as CyanthOx® which contains sea buckthorn extract with a rich combination of polyphenols, flavonoids and proanthocyanidins can protect the skin from photoaging and pollution. It also helps to strengthen collagen formation and increase its stability. CyanthOx® can promote skin regeneration and repair while Omegia® is a standardised ingredient containing a balanced ratio of omega 3-6-7-9 unsaturated fatty acids. Its high concentration of omega-7 helps reduce inflammation,” she notes.

“At Vitafoods Europe this year, we also decided to focus on Neuroserine® – our branded phosphatidylserine. Known as the “brain phospholipid,” phosphatidylserine is an essential nootropic, improving brain performance and protecting nervous cells from stress. The most recent scientific evidence indicate that phosphatidylserine enhances the functioning of neuromodulators and receptors. Phosphatidylserine has been strongly associated with slowing, halting, and reversing the progression of age-related cognitive decline, and has also been shown to enhance mood, motivation, and quality of life at all stages.

“We are also incredibly excited about Lecimarine®, which is sourced from immature herring roe, and used as a by-product of commercial herring fishing. Lecimarine provides essential omega 3 fatty acid DHA and EPA and is the only natural source that is three times more concentrated in DHA than EPA and an excellent alternative to krill oils,” Felgueiras notes.

“The global nutricosmetics market has experienced significant growth in the past few years. This will continue as consumers seek natural ingredients that promote beauty by ingesting beneficial or active ingredients. It is also worth noting that in terms of food supplement sales, skin care supplements are the second most popular carrier for products mentioning the term ‘nootropic’.

Consumer insights confirm that globally, 81% of consumers agree that well-being is connected to the beauty of the skin. With food supplement consumption at an all-time high, the use of natural extracts in beauty products will interest consumers,” she concludes.

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