O&3 Europe is Alive!

We opened our doors to O&3 Europe on the 1st January 2021 – a huge milestone for the Crew who have been planning the opening for over a year. We understand the industry requirements for short lead times, zero hassle at border controls and access to a wide variety of raw materials, whatever your location.  When it comes to O&3 and natural oils, there are no borders.  We were not going to let the new political landscape impact our highly valued European client base.


We have invested in an additional 35,000sqft facility in Poland, a new digital platform, stock of more than 900 different products, organic certification and a robust European Crew to fulfil your needs in Europe.  Like any new business, it has taken time but we now feel ready to really push forward into 2021 and beyond.  Our lead times are reducing by the week, with our target of 3-5 business days (to anywhere in Europe) by July easily attainable.  We’re also focusing on building our stock to reflect that of our UK facility, enabling you to have access to a rounded offering, arguably quicker and more varied than ever before.


We wholeheartedly thank our global client base who stuck with us through both a pandemic and a Brexit transition to get us where we are today. As you can imagine, opening a new factory during the past 12 months has been a major challenge, but the milestone for the O&3 Crew is clear as we witness multitudes of natural ingredients flowing through both our new EU and UK facility every day.


If you were not aware of O&3 Polska, please do get in touch here. We will happily send over pricing and product availability from our European platform.


In our world, every journey starts with 1KG of oil.  When Jennifer, Eleanor and I founded O&3, we were determined to open our doors to the world.  We see no borders to what we do.  Whether you are a start-up, small business or big corporation, wherever you are in the world, our Crew values every KG that you invest in O&3.