OceanDerMX® Portfolio of Luxury Natural Cosmetic Bioactives

Devoted to both modern skincare science and time-proven traditional knowledge, Organic Bioactives is pioneering the next generation of natural cosmetic and nutraceutical bioactives.

Launched in 2020, the OceanDerMX® portfolio comprises four products centered around New Zealand Red Seaweed and Native Mamaku or Black Fern (Cyathea medullaris).  The range offers a synchronised abundance of bioactives – the result of 8 years of comprehensive testing and trials.

Products are incredibly easy for formulators to work with as the bioactives do not disrupt fragrance, colour, or the aesthetics of the final product. Each product offers a powerful, evidence-based approach to addressing common beauty concerns.

OceanDerMX® LIFT & FIRM: The foundation combination of Red Seaweed and Mamaku/Black Fern. Effectively diminishes fine lines and wrinkles due to the firming and lifting properties of its naturally active botanical ingredients.

OceanDerMX® RESTORE & PROTECT: Combining Red Seaweed and Mamaku/Black Fern with superior antioxidants; New Zealand grown certified organic Blackcurrants and Green Tea. Offering outstanding detoxifying and antioxidant activity while maximising restoration and protection of the skin and hair through synchronised modes of action.

OceanDerMX® BALANCE & BRIGHTEN: World class, clinically proven skin brightening botanicals; New Zealand native Red Seaweed, Gotu Kola and Liquorice Root with Mamaku/Black Fern. Promotes uneven skin tone and imperfections effectively and quickly with a synergistic bioactive approach.

OceanDerMX® CALM & SOOTHE: An all New Zealand powerhouse blend of Mānuka Honey, Kawakawa, Native Red Seaweed and Mamaku Black Fern. Rich in naturally calming and anti-inflammatory compounds only found in native New Zealand Kawakawa leaves and our famous Mānuka honey. Acts fast to calm and sooth the skin and combat blemishes.

The company follow Tikanga Māori – a strict, traditional harvesting practice of the indigenous people of Aotearoa New Zealand. By using this time proven approach, we harvest our ingredients without compromising our environmental and social responsibilities. The respectful approach ensures we can offer high potency natural bioactives that are non GMO, and are Natrue approved, ECOCERT, COSMOS and China compliant.

Along with the marine based OceanDerMX® range, Organic Bioactives also offer New Zealand land botanical extract under the PlantæDerMX® series and New Zealand grown organic green tea extracts under the ZeaDerMX®series.

Organic Bioactives offer affordable volume flexibility — being able to supply in small volumes suitable for the growing Indie Beauty market as well as larger volumes for established and multinational manufacturers.

For more information on the OceanDerMX™ range, visit www.organicbioactives.com

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