Organic Beauty is Coming to Bloom

Did you know that at O&3 we offer over 200 organically certified products? Yes, really!

With our focus of this month on Organic Beauty, we’re showcasing some of our many organic ingredients in a variety of ways, to give you the inspiration you need to consider creating your very own Organic Beauty products.

“But, what is Organic Beauty?” we hear you ask. Don’t worry, we’re covering everything from what it really means to how it can impact your formulation. Also, we’re providing some super simple and easy formulation advice that can help kickstart your journey into the organic beauty realm.

We’re also bringing it back to basics and what better place to start than with the ingredients themselves. We’ve provided a simple ‘how to’ video for you to locate all our wonderfully organic ingredients on our website. – Keeping it clear and simple is what you can expect from O&3.

As ever, there’s a world of ingredients, at your fingertips on, waiting for you to discover them.

We can’t wait to see the organic product formulations you come up with this month. Be sure to tag us on social with #Oand3OrganicFormulations so we can see them all.

Now, all that’s left to say is let’s get formulating!